Our Story

“The Wesley & Willis story begins with my dad, Wesley. A man who instilled his love for life, family and community into everything I do.  Wesley & Willis is part of village life in Sandy Bay. A place you’ll be welcomed into, part of the community – and somewhere you’ll just love to explore.

Making spaces beautiful has always been my passion, celebrating unique pieces with elements of nature, texture and earthiness - this is definitely my signature style.

In supporting Australian-made brands, it’s more than just an item, it’s part of the maker’s hard work, passion, their heart and soul, a moment of someone’s life, their story. We support ethically made gifts and homewares, forever mindful of showing kindness to the earth, recycling as we go.

Vintage treasures are our alternative to mass-produced pieces, all chosen to bring story and character to your home. We’d love to show you - drop in and see us sometime, and say hello.”

- Julie x